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Matsuo Thermostat Products other than thermostats
Thermal timer (bimetal type dearly relay)
The thermal timer is a delay relay which has a delay time of on delay/off delay.
It operates within a range of 10~200 seconds, and it has an M contact (make contact) and B contact ( break contact).
(On delay time: Delay time after the heater carries the current)
(Off delay time: Delay time after the current to the heater is cut off)
Because bimetal is the principle of operation, it will naturally be influenced by the temperature change in summer or winter. A bimetal for outside air temperature compensation is provided in order to minimize such influence.
Thermal timer
BF, BA, BH type etc.
54.5x32x26mm etc.

Both delay time and off delay time setting can be made by one thermal timer.
•While auto reset is the standard, manual reset type can be made upon your request.
•Any voltage of AC and DC can be accommodated. (Max. 250V)
•Contact capacity is available in 3A, 6A and 10A.
•Because of out side air compensation bimetal, operational time is the same for summer and winter.
•Anti vibration and anti shock characteristics are superior compared to other types of timers.
•Because all Matsuo thermal timers are housed in a dust free case, there is no contact error due to dust or other contaminants.
•The price is low compared to other type of timer.
•Because the B type has a sharp mechanism for repeated on/off, there is almost no noise observed.

·For the automatic operation of boilers, coolers, copy machines, freezers, etc.
·As a delay element of home appliances.
·For the cutting off and resetting of over current for the certain period of time.
·As an automatic control program timer for automated machinery and industrial machinery.
·As a cycle timer.
·Wattage controller (It controls the duty of current by changing the ON/OFF ratio of the current to the electric heater)

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