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Matsuo Thermostat Applications
Purposes Applications of the temperature controller from Matsuo
Medical purposes
•Temperature controller for thermotherapy mats
•Temperature control of the diffusion pump (vacuum pump) for electron microscopes
•Temperature controller for the gel warmer for ultrasonic diagnostic systems
•Temperature controller for the ozone water for endoscope cleaners
•Temperature control of the rotor section of micro-cooled centrifuges
HVAC purposes
•For the prevention of freezing in the refrigerant device of air conditioners
for business use (heat pumps)
Kitchen purposes
•Temperature control of the defroster heater in ice makers for business use
•Temperature control of portable refrigerator-freezers for recreational use
Semiconductor purposes
•Temperature control for coaters / developers
(semiconductor manufacturing equipment)
•Temperature control of chillers (heat exchangers)
•Temperature control of linear motors for semiconductor
/ LCD manufacturing equipment
Printing purposes
•Temperature control of cooling units in large sized printing machines
Battery purposes
•Temperature control of electric chargers (batteries) for forklifts
•Temperature control of lead accumulators (batteries) for industrial use
Communication purposes
•Temperature control inside the cabinets of mobile phone communication base stations
•Temperature control inside the housing of outdoor monitoring cameras (CCTVs)
•Temperature control of control panels
•Temperature control inside the cabinet of mobile phone relay stations
for NTT, au, KDDI and SoftBank
•Temperature control inside VDSL cabinets for condominiums
•Heater control of electronic coolers for control panels
and information communication cabinets
•Fan control / anti-freezing control of security gates for outdoor access control
Transportation purposes •Temperature control and defogging of laser equipment for ETC vehicle height sensors
•Temperature control / fan control inside elevator control panels
•For temperature control / anti-freezing of pay machines at self-serve gas stations
•Temperature control inside the pay machines / ticketing machines
at parking lots (coin parking)
•Temperature control of railroad operation guidance indicators (LED indicator boards)
•Temperature control inside the cabinets of expressway sign boards
(LED indicator boards)
•Temperature control / anti-freezing of obstacle detection sensors at railroad crossings
•Temperature control for the anti-freezing of infrared sensors used for
intrusion detection for security purposes
Agriculture purposes •Temperature control of heating mats for baby pigs pdf
Electric power purposes •Temperature control of cubicle transformers
•Temperature control / antifreeze control inside the control panel of
wind power generators
Signboard / LED display purposes •Temperature control of the LEDs of sign boards and indicator boards
•Temperature control / anti-freezing of LED type railroad crossing alarm lamps

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