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Matsuo Thermostat Products
Temperature Power Sensor (High performance control type thermostat) (TPS)
It is a high performance control type thermostat which can be used in place of an electronic thermostat, even though it is a bimetal type thermostat.
It features a small size, small differential, long life and a low price.
High Temperature Type Thermostat

It is a thermostat for high temperature type control for a 150°C~400°C range which has traditionally been covered by an electronic type thermostat. The H series brings a high cost performance benefit to the users of high temperature control applications.

Disk Type Thermostat
The disk type thermostat is the ultimate protector, which can cut off a heavy current without fail at a low cost. We believe that there is and will be no substitute for this thermostat for the time being.
On the other hand, the Diff. is large in the case of the disk type, and the preset temperature will change if the operation is repeated frequently. As a result, it cannot be used as a controller.
Thermal timer

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