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Matsuo Thermostat Lineup
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High accurate Temperature control thermostat (Temperature Power Sensor® TPS)
Temperature fixed type
Range ( -10~110°C) Range
Liquid temperature control
2amp. 5amp. 3amp. 2amp./5amp.
2amp. series
(MQT series)
5amp. series
(M series)
3amp. series
Thermostat for a liquid temperature control
Temperature Power Sensor 2amp. series Temperature Power Sensor 5amp. series Temperature Power Sensor 5amp. series Temperature Power Sensor Liquid temperature control
44x12.5x6.4mm etc. 68x15.5x10.8mm
45.5x16x7.5mm etc.
45.5x16x7.5mm -
Compact/small differential/long life and low price type Temperature Power Sensor.
Expanding new applications in the world due to its high performance capability closest to the performance of electronic thermostat.
This is M type for high temperature applications.
It can be distinguished from other M series products by its brown case.
Liquid temperature control mounting MQT series in a metal housing.

The temperature setting range is -10 ~ 110°C.
Other thermostat Other products out of the thermostat
Temperature fixed type Temperature fixed type
Bimetal type protector Bimetal type delay relay
10amp. 15amp. 10amp.
H series Disk thermo Thermal timer
High Temperature Thermostat H series Disk Type Thermostat Thermal Timer
19x31x12mm 54.5x32x26mm
High performance bimetal type thermostat controls at 400 degrees C .

Mounted in ceramic case.
As the differential is large and the preset temperature will change if the operation is frequently repeated, this model is only used as for protector The thermal timer is a delay relay having a delay setting of on delay/off delay.

Within a range of 10~200 sec.