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Temperature Power Sensor 2 amp.series
(Fixed-temperature type bimetal thermostat)
110°C top 400°C is considered not to ordinary temperature but mid temperature (110 to 200°C) and high temperature (200 to 400°C).
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Temperature Power Sensor MQT8K (on development)
No mounting hole
Two lead wires
E rank only
45.5 x 16 x 7.5mm
Operating temperature : 110 to 200°C

Electrical rating : AC125V/DC12V/3A,AC250V/DC24V/2A

Tolerance : ±7°C(110 to 150°C),±10°(151 to 200°C)

Differential : 15±5°C
Operating temperature : 200 to 400°C

Electrical rating : AC125V/DC12V/3A,AC250V/DC24V/2A

Tolerance : ±10°C(200 to 300°C),±15°(301 to 400°C)

Differential : 25±5°C

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