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What is Temperature Power Sensor?
Temperature Power Sensor(TPS) is Matsuo's bimetal type control thermostat.
Please call it as TPS.
TPS has been registered as a trademark in U.S.A.
As shown below, most of the bimetal type thermostat are disk type protector which cannot be used for a controller.
While all the bimetal type thermostats in the world are designed based on the protector type, Matsuo has been establishing its unique position as a manufacturer of the control type thermostat since 1975, and has begun to sell the control thermostat since 1980.

Positioning Chart of Various Thermostats

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Temperature Power Sensor(TPS)
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Flat metal type bimetal can return to the original position even more than 10 million times of temperature rising/falling.
The snap spring which is compound metal of copper and beryllium can switch on and off in a very small distance of 0.05mm, and can perform more than 2 million mechanical operations.
Matsuo utilizes this special snap spring for Temperature Power Sensor, in addition to it, employs 2 pcs. of bimetal in order to increase sensitivity of temperature to double.
TPS consists of those features and performs as the high accurate temperature control.

TPS itself has been mounted in a compact closed case.
TPS expands the operational range as a controller since the differential can be minimized to 3 degrees.
Mechanical life of TPS is 2 million operations. 100,000 electrical operations at a rated load, 500,000 electrical operations at a half of rated load and 1 million electrical operations at a 1/4 rated load.
Furthermore the price of TPS is very attractive.
As the price structure is slide methods with quantity, we can supply this model at 2 to 3 times of disk type price or at a 1/2,1/3 price of electronic thermostat.

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