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Technical information for Temperature Power Sensor
Technical information pdf232kb
Technical information for Temperature Power Sensor
We describe the information with using a graph, a diagram and a table which are in the PDF containing the following information. If you can not access the PDF, please contact with our sales. We will send the technical information to you.
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Tolerance of temperature setting and Differential vs. ranges for Tempreature setting
The table shows you in details
Internal heat genaration vs. load current
The chart describes the relation of an internal heat, a load current and differential.
Load and life
We describe the relation of a mechanical life and a load current with the chart.
Concern of thermostat operation with DC power
We describe it in detail.
Heat/Time constant
The chart shows you how the temperature of thermostats assimilates with the changing ambient temperature.
Practical Heat Capacity Measurement
The chart shows you in simple manner.
Cross Bar Contacts (Micro capacity contacts)
We describe the contacts for micro ampere of current with a graph.
Contact Type Indication
The diagram shows you the contact type indication.
Model designation Method
The diagram shows you the method.

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